Devil's Trap RPG is a role-playing game for fans of the CW's hit TV show, Supernatural. Join the hunter community in tracking demons, fighting monsters, saving people, hunting things.
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 Prologue (Welcome)

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Dean Winchester

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Character sheet
Name: Dean Winchester
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PostSubject: Prologue (Welcome)   Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:34 pm

Quote :
June 4, 2006-

Dean and Sam:

If you're reading this, I'm dead. That means that you're on your own now. Don't do anything stupid, like try to bring me back. You know the rules, what's dead should stay dead. That includes me.

I only taught you boys the basics. Honestly, there are a lot more things out there that want to kill you. I wrote down a lot of it here, but not all of it. It's up to you to keep adding. Keep fighting. Make your old man proud.

Boys, there's an entire community of hunters out there. They can help if you ever need it. I won't list them all here in case this journal ever falls in Yellow Eyes' hands. They'd be dead in days. But they're out there, you just need to find them. They'll keep you safe. They'll keep you alive.

You boys and Mary were the best things that ever happened to me. I did my best to protect you kids. I just want you to know that. Maybe I'll see you again soon.


p.s. Dean, you know your job. Sam, listen to your brother.

Hunters, angels, demons, monsters of all walks of supernatural life:

Welcome to Devil's Trap RPG.

This is a role-playing forum based upon the universe laid out by the CW's hit television show, Supernatural. Here, you can create your character, hunt monsters, sell your soul, interact with other hunters (or your preference of supernatural beings), save people, and hunt things. In other words, welcome to the family business.

If you're interested in signing up, you will have to create a character. Please see the thread Character Sheet for more details. After submitting your character sheet to me via PM, take the time to review the rules of the forum and I ask that you not begin posting until I have approved your character.

As far as the storyline, I will try to stay as close to the canon happenings as possible. With changes being made so rapidly to the show, this might become difficult and I just ask that you bear with me while it is managed.

Also note: John Winchester's Journal contains threads that are OOC posts only. All other sections of the forum are IC sections and should be treated as such.

Carry on wayward sons,
Admin & Founder
Resident Dean Winchester

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing to do with the show itself. I am simply a fan. Supernatural: The Television Series is property of the CW network and I do not own any of the canon characters.
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Prologue (Welcome)
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