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 Entry 3: The Use of Canon Characters

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Dean Winchester

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PostSubject: Entry 3: The Use of Canon Characters   Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:17 am

Canon characters are of course acceptable to use on the site, as long as you submit their character sheet to me for approval. Your canon character becomes your one allowed character on the site.

Sam Winchester

Michael (The Cage)

Demons/Hell's Bells
Dean Winchester
Lucifer (The Cage)

Linda Tran
Jodi Mills
Lisa Braeden
Ben Braeden
Ed Zeddmore
Harry Spangler
Becky Rosen

The Dead (can RP in Heaven/Hell)
Bobby Singer
Ellen Harvelle
Jo Harvelle
Kevin Tran
John Winchester
Mary Winchester
Pamela Barnes
Adam Milligan (The Cage)

Death (Horseman of the Apocalypse)
Benny LaFitte (Vampire) (Purgatory)
Garth Fitzgerald IV (Werewolf)

Characters not listed here that are dead/not around anymore could possibly still be used, as long as you tack on the end of your character sheet your plans for RPing. (Ex: Meg, Ruby, Balthazar, Gabriel, etc.)

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Entry 3: The Use of Canon Characters
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